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Folding Doors by Shutter Shack


Folding Doors
  • All Shutter Shack Folding Doors are equipped with quietly operating nylon rollers mounted to door with bronze finished aluminum intermediate hangers.
  • Folding Doors are furnished with installation screws, attractive handles (not installed) and 10 lb. pull index magnetic latch installed in lead moulding with jamb plate. L-shaped basswood anchor mouldings are furnished for attaching door fabric to jamb or wall.
  • All models have been tested to over 100,000 closures without breakage and are guaranteed for one year against any defect in material or workmanship.
  • All woven with five 7/8" wide by 1/11" thick kiln dried northern basswood slats per 4 5/8" wide fold. All slats and moulding sanded smooth. Weaving cords are #12 hard finish 38 lb. test prestretched fisherman's seine twine spaced 4 3/4" apart except end cords, which are 1" from end of slat.
  • Each Door is made 1 3/4" less then opening height with a 12% to 15% fullness in width (1 1/4" for the track and 1/2" for clearance).
  • Available in a variety of flat oil stains.
  • Available in either Standard Sizes or Custom Sizes. Click links for Pricing.

Folding Doors Folding Doors Folding Doors



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