Faux Wood DIY Plantation 2 1/4″ Interior Shutter Kits

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The classic look of our affordable shutter kit is sure to enhance the decor of any home or office. 2 1/4″ inch slats give this shutter set an old time charm. Available in lengths up to 74″ inches. Our Shutter Kits come either in a White Paint or Oak Stain finish. White hardware on the White Kits and Bright Brass on the Oak Stain Kits.
Our Shutter Kit comes with 2 panels. All Panels 48″ and greater in Length come with a divider rail, not available in any other Lengths. All our kits come with filler strips and all mounting hardware. These DIY shutters may be mounted either inside or outside the window jamb.

Filler Strips allow the Shutter Kits to fit a window up to 2″ larger then stated width for an inside mount. If mounting kit on outside of window jamb allow at least 2.5″ inches for mounting screws. If your window width is 35″ and you want to mount the shutter on the outside of the window jamb please select a width larger then 37.5″.

The overall Height of our Shutter Kit Panels can be adjusted by trimming the top and bottom rails. Our Plantation 2 1/4″ DIY Shutter Kit Panels may be trimmed up to 1/4″ inch on the top and 1 1/4″ inches on the bottom.

Our DIY Shutter kits are available in a wide range of widths and lengths these shutters are sure to add charm and character to any home.

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Shutter Kit Width

23" Inches, 27" Inches, 29" Inches, 31" Inches, 35" Inches, 39" Inches

Shutter Kit Length

24" Inches, 36" Inches, 48" Inches, 54" Inches, 60" Inches, 72" Inches, 74" Inches

Shutter Kit Finish

Oak Stain, White Paint