Available Colors in Vinyl-Lam

Additional Information:

  • Panels – 4-¼” wide by ¼” thick.
  • Panel Connectors – Flexible vinyl, color-coordinated to panel selection.
  • Track – 1-1/8″ x 1″ aluminum, dark bronze, clear or gold finish.
  • Wheels – Nylon wheels on Lexan axle.
  • Stacking Space – 1-¼” per foot, plus 7/8″ for sweptwing handle.
  • Available Widths – up to 8′
  • Available Lengths – up to 8′
  • Available Single Side or Double Side Finish

Additional information


Up to 24" Inches, Up to 36" Inches, Up to 48" Inches, Up to 60" Inches, Up to 72" Inches, Up to 84" Inches, Up to 96" Inches


Up to 80" Inches, Up to 96" Inches

Finish Style

Double Sided, Single Side

Accordion Doors Vinyl-Lam

SKU: SKU16271

Whether it’s a family room in a home, a galley kitchen in a retirement center, or a closet in a college dorm, you just won’t find a better, more beautiful fit than a Shutter Shack Accordion Door. Much less room-intrusive than bi-fold options, and also much more visually appealing, our space-saving residential series offers both one- and two-sided finishes.

Incredibly realistic in appearance, our Vinyl-Lam Woodgrain finishes provide a wide range of color selection representing several wood species. Our solid color, multi-textured vinyl’s are selected to compliment the most popular current interior colorations. Shutter Shack’s Vinyl-Lam finishes are laminated to an engineered core for excellent dimensional stability.

Accordion Door Size and Color:

(see measuring instructions)

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