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Add 10″ for finished length.
Over 72″ x 72″ will require a horizontal seam.

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Up To 108" Inches, Up To 118" Inches, Up To 122" Inches, Up To 128" Inches, Up To 145" Inches, Up to 24" Inches, Up to 36" Inches, Up to 48" Inches, Up to 60" Inches, Up to 72" Inches, Up to 84" Inches, Up to 96" Inches


108" Inches, 120" Inches, 132" Inches, 144" Inches, 158" Inches, 36" Inches, 48" Inches, 60' Inches, 72" Inches, 84" Inches, 96" Inches

Mylar Shades


These shades are made of Mylar tinted films to keep out hot rays, conserve energy, and protect furnishings. We usually sell solar shades to our commercial customers, but many people use them for residential windows and skylights. Be sure to add 10″ to your Window Height below for finished size.

  1. Control heat and glare problems during sun hours
  2. Cut down on air conditioning costs by maintaining a comfortable temperature
  3. Eliminate glare in the work area

…then you should be looking into installing a Transparent Film Shade.

What is a Transparent Shade ?

A Transparent shade is a window shade used for commercial, residential, industrial, and control tower use. It is made up of three transparent layers of dyed polyester material. This material can come in different thickness measures including 3 mil, 4.5 mil, 5 mil, and 7 mil. Laminated between each two glare reducing sheets of dyed polyester is a thin heat-reflective aluminum coating.

By installing Transparent Shades on a window, you are :

  1. Rejecting up to 99% of ultraviolet rays
  2. Reducing up to 74% of heat
  3. Reducing up to 90% of glare

That’s why it is common in the shade industry tha

Size and color:

(see measuring instructions)

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Price includes standard UPS shipping and handling, widths above 92″ will exceed these standards. We will advise of the additional costs prior to processing your order.

Make sure that you have added the additional inches as per Measuring Instructions. Any questions click on Measuring Instructions link.