Wood Radiator Covers: Measuring


Width: Measure beyond pipes and valves on both ends. Choose width that gives you enough room for fit and balance. Add at least 2″ to existing width of radiator.

Height: Measure from floor to top of radiator. Add at least 1 ” to existing height of radiator.

Depth: Measure depth from the surface that the top of the Radiator Cover will rest against, i.e. the wall, the trim or the sill. Add at least 1 ” to existing depth of radiator.

The Outside Dimensions of the Radiator Cover will be:

Width: Lancaster and York will be +5″ Seattle, Tacoma, Savannah and Charleston will be +3 5/8″

Height: All styles will be +1 1/4″

Depth: All styles will be + 2 1/2″

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Please measure carefully, radiator covers are not returnable.